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Data Protection

  • Who will have access to my data?

    Only We-Change will have access to the data you provide at sign-up or provide in sessions or any other engagement with the organisation. Every member of our team has committed to the principle of confidentiality and has signed a non-disclosure agreement.

  • Will my data be shared with external parties?
  • What will my data be used for?
  • Can I request for my data to be deleted?
  • Is your site secure?

Code of Conduct

  • The Mutual Respect Principle

    This site is a virtual community space where there might be cause to convene for workshops, trainings, information sharing sessions or other community activities. It is important that mutual respect be observed by members and for them to be guided by the following:

    1. Allow others space to share
    2. Do not interrupt others while they are speaking
    3. Be respectful of pronouns
    4. Observe a code of non-discrimination in relation to sexual orientation, gender identity, choice of pronouns, place employment, mental health status, health status, socioeconomic background and other characteristics.
    5. Contribute to groups efforts to which you have subscribed.
  • Demonstrate Fairness
  • Commit to Confidentiality
  • Be Community-Oriented