Programme: Safe Support Group

An important part of the Health and Wellness mandate is to create safe, alternative spaces for lesbian, bisexual and queer women. This, along with our desire to build the emotional and mental capacity of LBT women led to the creation of the “You are S.A.F.E (Surviving Adversity & Finding Empathy) with us: LBT Women’s Support Group.” First launched in 2015, the group which is facilitated by trained mental health professionals provides a safe space for Jamaican LBQ women.

The group first consisted of LBT women aged 18 - 45 years who attended twelve support sessions facilitated by Father Sean Major Campbell and Kendra Frith—both of whom are trained counsellors - using the person-centered approach to counselling. The format was two-fold: allies were invited to share their experiences and psycho-educational sessions were also held. Sessions were held by Dr Michale Abrahams, The Fertility Clinic and other beneficial individuals/organisations.

In 2018, the support group was held for 12 weeks over the July/August 2018 under the theme "Reclaiming You." The aim of that year's support group was to help beneficiaries learn to love and trust themselves, enjoy their own company and make well thought out judgements. To register please email us.

WE-Change continues to strive to see a Jamaican society where LBTQ women are empowered and fully equipped with the tools to participate meaningfully in national development, thereby aiding in achieving Vision 2030, where the rights of all persons are upheld without prejudice.