Programme: Socio Economics

Our SEJ programme looks at the many ways women face social and economic injustice, are marginalized in leadership, income inequalities and unpaid care work. The programme looks at women’s positions in the economy and highlights the ways we can combat economic injustice and marginalization through gaining economic independence, taking on leadership roles and finding other ways to break the glass ceiling. The program is also meant to increase the participation of lesbians, bisexual women, and trans* persons in economic justice advocacy and build the capacity of LBT women to facilitate training workshops. WE have successfully guided two cohorts through the programme. Some successful projects which have come out of the SEJ programme are HER FLOW and ItNuhJus’Physical.

Participants in the SEJ program are required to:
  • write letters to the editor & press releases
  • write position papers & issue briefs
  • host Twitter chats
  • develop/modify games for teaching purposes
  • facilitate training sessions in their communities
  • write policy briefs & statements
  • convene meetings with stakeholders
Projects coming out of the 2016 SEJ Programme:

Feedback from Participant of 2017 SEJ Programme :

Graduation of SEJ Participants