The following publications are a mixture of WE-authored and co-authored reports and public statements around a range of important topics in the women’s advocacy space. The future of women’s advocacy is dependent on all women having a voice in all areas of development that may affect them and these reports are a primary channel we rely on to publicize these timely viewpoints.

Intimate Partner Violence in LBTQ relationships in Jamaica

Research completed by our Co-Director, Jennan Andrew toward the fulfilment of her MA (Communication & Development) and further understanding of IPV within LBTQ relationships in Jamaica (and by some extension, the Caribbean). This research aims to expand knowledge on the experiences of lesbian, bisexual, trans, queer(LBTQ) women and gender non-conforming (GNC) people with IPV in the understudied Global South, with a focus on individuals in Jamaica. The study examines the perceptions which LBTQ people hold toward IPV, unique factors which contribute to IPV within their relationships, and barriers to help-seeking which LBTQ people face when seeking support services in Jamaica. Read more here.

The Health-seeking Behaviours of Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer women in Jamaica

WE embarked on research, as a part of the Stonewall's Out of the Margins project, to respond to the chasm in studies on health in the LGBT community by calling attention to the health-seeking behaviours of LBTQ women in Jamaica. Read the research paper here

Service Provider Database

In 2019 WE conducted research with Stonewall-Out-of-the-Margins on The Health Seeking Behaviour of LBTQ Women in Jamaica. The research indicated several issues within the private and public health systems which significantly impact LBTQ women's access to medical and mental health services in Jamaica. In an effort to increase access to LBTQ-friendly health services for LBTQ women, WE have put together a database of providers in Jamaica. If you are a LBTQ-friendly health service provider or have had positive experiences with a particular service provider in Jamaica, please contact WE. This database will be continuously updated.

Click here for access to the database